Silverudd's Blue 

a dying breed coming back to life

Flashy Roosters

Silverrudd's Blue (Isbar)  or SIlverudd's Bla,  formerly known as the Blue Isbar or Isbar Bla.  Isbar is actually a misnomer for this breed as they are not now nor have they have been barred. SIlverudd's are  a rare and exotic imported bird from Sweden, created by Mr.Silverudd.  The  roosters are very flashy and the hens lay shades of medium sized green eggs. Eggs can be olive to a mossy green to a blue color. 

Silverudd's can be free ranged and also do well in a confined area. They adapt to any surrounding quite well. Feed ratio is excellent. They are very alert birds and therefor do well in an outdoor environment. We had a couple of hens brood chicks for the first time this year and they are amazing mothers. The chicks stayed with in the flock and the roosters helped in rearing them into adulthood.  We have been working with the Isbars for many years.  We are working towards a standard that creator Mr.Silverudd was trying to perhaps obtain. He had passed away with the breed not completed. 

Hens will lay 250 plus eggs per year. They are great winter layers.

Being of Blue genetic, chicks hatch out blue. black and splash.