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French  white Bresse chickensWhite Bresse

Originally a light laying breed. The Bresse can produce 250 taneggs per year. In France it also has a good reputation for its flesh. Males weigh 2.5-3 kg (6-7.5 lb) and females 2-2.5 kg (5-6 lb)

Exchequer Leghorn chickenExchequer Leghorn 

The Leghorn is a breed of chicken originating in Tuscany. The Exchequer is a very rare and beautiful variety of leghorn. Birds were first exported to North America in 1828 from the port city of Livorno, on the western coast of Tuscany. Can produce up to 280 eggs per year.

Bielefelder Kennhuhn

A  dual purpose bird. Hens lay brown extra large eggs. This gentle giant is a pleasure to raise and best of all, the chicks are auto sexing at hatch.  This is a fairly new breed that has gained a lot of popularity with backyard poultry fanciers.

Swedish Flower HenSwedish Flower hen chickens in canada

The Swedish Flower is a dual purpose landrace variety that can be crested and non crested. Hens lay light beige to creamy tan coloured eggs. Eggs are medium to extra large in size.

 La Fleche  Le fleche chickens in canada

This Critically endangered ancient chicken is medium in size. Hens lay white medium to large eggs. Producing approx. 150-200 eggs per year. They sport a unique V-shaped comb.

Rosecomb rhode Island white chickens in CanadaRosecomb Rhode Island White

An extremely rare and critically endangered variety that is exceptionally hardy. Highly recommended for novice or experienced poultry raisers as chicks are easy to grow. Weight ranges from 6.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs

araucana chickens in canadaAraucana

This chilean origin breed lays beautiful blue medium/large size eggs. Chicks can hatch tufted, clean faced, rumpless and tailed.   A beautiful and unique breed that is an easy keeper year round. 

orpington chickens in canadaOrpington

Large Fowl. Dual purpose. A  popular choice as they are quite calm easy going birds. You can expect up to 200 brown  eggs per year. Roosters are 10lbs and hens reach up to 8lbs.

wyndotte chickens in canadaWyandotte - no longer available

The Wyandotte is a great choice for manitoba's harsh winters. The rose comb keeps well and is not prone to frostbite like the single comb.    


sussex chickens in canadaSussex- no longer available

You can expect up to 260 eggs per year. Hens can go broody in the warmer months. Hens lay large light brown eggs.Cockerels can be harvested at 6 months of age. Cockerels are approx 9lbs and hens 7.5 lbs. at harvest.                  

barnevelder chickens in canadaBarnevelder 

A beautiful hardy bird that lays brown eggs. Relatively a new variety to Canada they are a very popular choice. They make great pets and table bird. 

plymouth rock chickens in canadaBarred Plymouth Rock  

This very popular breed is not only known for just their fancy good looks but their all around dual purpose properties.An even tempered and easy going breed.

Rhode Island Red chickensRhode Island Red  

Single comb Heritage RIR are stunningly dark red in colour  The hens lay up to 250 large brown eggs per year. The breed is well known for their egg laying capabilities and hardiness.

ameraucana chickens in canadaAmeraucana 

Hens lay bountiful medium sized blue eggs and are easy keepers. These sweet and docile birds also sport a pea comb and very small waddles which makes winter keeping easier in our Canadian climate.

Black copper marans eggsBlack CopperMarans 

Developed in the town of Marans, France in the mid 1800's. Marans are Popular for their dark coloured eggs. A  large fowl dual purpose bird, layingup to 150 eggs per year. 

Breda chickens in canadaBreda or Krainkoppe  

With an unknown origin, this secretive bird has a lot going for it. These  consistent egg layers are very docile in nature. They hatch out blue, black and splash.

norwegian jaerhon chickens in canadaNorwegian Jaerhon  

Small birds that lay a large white egg.  The Jaerhon are active and friendly. Auto sexing at hatch. Wight is 3lbs to 5lbs. 

Hedemora Chickens CanadaSwedish Hedemora

Beautiful and unique. This Landrace variety produces smooth and wooly chickens that will remind you of something out of the prehistoric era.

icelandic chickens in canadaIcelandic 

A landrace breed.Layers of white tinted medium eggs. You can expect to receive approx. 250 eggs per year.

Silverudd blue isbar chickens in canadaSIlverudd Blue Isbar 

Roosters are very flashy. An extremely rare breed. Hens lay shades of up to 250 medium green eggs per year. They are great winter layers. 

Golden CreleLegbar

A British auto sexing breed. Friendly, easy to handle large blue egg layers. 

Lemon Pyle Brahma

These large European type birds will tickle your fancy. A Unique heavy breed with soft feathers. Non aggressive. This breed lays up to 200 tinted eggs per year. 

easter eggers in canada Easter Egger

Easter eggers are a hybrid of heritage purebred poultry. Our goal is providing you a dual purpose bird that is good for the table and a variety of colourful eggs. 

Croad Langshan in Canada  Croad Langshan

The Croad Langshan is large in body, has a deep and long breast which is carried well forward; the back is rather long and sloping with the tail rising sharply from the back, giving the characteristic 'U' shape.  Their flesh is fine in texture and of excellent quality.

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