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Welcome to Breezy Bird Farms.  Rare Heritage Poultry & waterfowl conservatory.  Est 2011. 

Hey there! At Breezy Bird Farms, we take a real interest in the birds we care for. Our passion for rare poultry and waterfowl conservation permeates everything that we do. In operation since 2011, we are a small family farm located in Manitoba, Canada. Breeding and nurturing chickens, geese, quail, guinea, and ducks, we sell our poultry and waterfowls to  customers throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Labrador. We have set a mission – admittedly an ambitious one – for ourselves: the effective preservation of purebred heritage birds. Our standard? Nothing short of perfect, of course! We maintain small breeding groups of rare chicken, duck, and goose breeds. Our operation involves hatching small number of eggs for the general public, which are sold through our online store, the proceeds of which help to fund our breeding programs. Breezy Bird Farms is proud to maintain membership in the American Ameraucana Alliance, Indian Runner  Duck Association, Manitoba Cluck & Quack,The Aruacana Club of America,American Pastured Poultry Producers, Rosenort Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Heritage Breeds, and Rare Breeds Canada. If there are any questions or feedback that you have for us, please reach out anytime! Thank you, Alexey and Candace, Breezy Bird Farms

Breezy Bird Farms
Box 505
Rosenort, Manitoba
R0G 1W0    Canada