A common goose that lays a good amount of eggs per year. They are extremely hardy for our Canadian climate. A very sturdy and durable breed. They are known for excellent meat properties and most prefer them over the white breeds as they have darker feathering which shows less dirt during breeding season. They are regarded as one of the best breeds for hatching and raising their young. 

Toulouse Goslings $35 each. Sexed pair $85

Enjoy a few photo's of a few other breeds of Geese we have on the farm. Please note we do not accept orders on goslings at this time. Please contact us for availability. We can take your name down and if any become available, we will contact you. 

Sebastopol - sold out for 2018



                  American Lavender Ice below, 

to the a Giant Embden and dewlap toulouse. 

Giant White Embden pictured on the left. Accepting orders now for goslings from top show quality lines. $55 each unsexed. Sexed pair $140.

Giant Dewlap Toulouse 

Large sized geese that take 3 to 4 years to fully mature in size. We obtained stock from various sources in  from the US and eastern Canada in 2017.  

The variety was developed from the common Toulouse in the 1850's for exhibition purposes.  They have a large dewlap of skin that hangs below their beak. A deep keel anding from their breast and two lobes in th their full paunch. 

We find the dewlap to be very calm and seem to get along with everyone around them.