What methods do you use to ship chicks and hatching eggs? 
We use Canada Post to ship hatching eggs. West Jet live cargo to ship eggs and chicks.

My eggs arrived damaged, do you replace them? No, Please review our terms on hatching eggs. PURCHASING hatching eggs is 100% buyers risk. There are too many factors involved for us to guarantee eggs. If you are not willing to accept the risk, do not purchase our hatching eggs. 

The eggs I recieved are not fertile. 
We fertility test our eggs often to ensure the eggs are fertile. Eggs that show no development does not mean they are not fertile. Not all eggs start growing due to many factors. This is out of our control and is a part of the hatching egg experience.

My eggs arrived in the mail, do i have to let them rest prior to incubation? 
Yes. Hatching eggs should be candled gently with clean hands, Toss any cracked eggs. Let rest pointy side down for 24 hours prior to incubation. 

 My eggs have not arrived in the mail and the tracking is not showing me updates. 

Please be patient. Canada Post tracking is not always updated. 


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