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Can I pick up my hatching egg order or chicks from your farm?

Yes. Our pick up rules are as follows: 

  • By Appointment only
  • Contact us if you are to be early or late
  • No dogs allowed on the property, please leave them in your car
  • Parking is at the house only. Do not enter our poultry areas (past the house) as this is a serious breach of our Bio-security
  • No drop in visits permitted
  • No Farm tours
  • Our home is a private residence. There are public washroom in the town of Rosenort 
What methods do you use to ship chicks and hatching eggs? 
We usilize Canada Post to ship hatching eggs. West Jet live cargo to ship eggs and chicks.

My eggs arrived damaged, do you replace them?
No, Please review our terms on hatching eggs. PURCHASING hatching eggs is 100% buyers risk. There are too many factors involved for us to guarantee eggs. If you are not willing to accept the risk, please do not purchase our hatching eggs. 

The eggs are in my incubator and some I received are not fertile. 
We fertility test our eggs weekly to ensure the eggs are fertile. Eggs that show no development does not necessarily mean they are not fertile. A lot is required for eggs to begin growth. There are scientific materials you may research yourself on the matter. Not all eggs start growing due to many factors out of our control. This is all part of the hatching egg experience. If we are experiencing lower than usual fertility, we add in extra eggs to compensate. Do not expect every egg to be 100% fertile. Fertility can fluctuate and we do not compensate for the nature of hatching eggs. 

My eggs arrived in the mail, do i have to let them rest prior to incubation? 
Yes. Hatching eggs should be candled gently with clean hands, Toss any cracked eggs. Let rest pointy side down for 24 hours prior to incubation. 

My eggs have not arrived in the mail and the tracking is not showing me updates. 

Please be patient. Canada Post tracking is not always updated. 

I want to order goose eggs, chicken eggs and quail eggs. Can you ship them in one shipment? 

No, we no longer ship different species in one shipment. It rarely works out to get them all in one shipment. Some exceptions may apply. 

I ordered multiple chicken breeds hatching eggs. Why is my order taking so long to be processed?
We suggest you contact us to see what is available that we can ship. Ordering multiple breeds can result in long delays and may not be possible to ship in one shipment. Shipping cost is payable by customer for each shipment.

I only had a portion of my eggs hatch. Can you replace the ones that didn't hatch with new eggs?
No.  We take no responsibility in your hatching results. Due to the nature of the product, too many variables are at play that are out of our control, due to this it is very difficult on our end to trouble shoot why not all of your eggs did not hatch. Please do your own research and check your equipment.

Can I order chicks and hatching eggs via west jet in one shipment?
Depending on your order, Plan on ordering for 2 shipments. Since we are small breeders, lining up chicks and eggs to go out at the same time may not be possible. We will try for you but  much is out of our control when dealing with organic beings. We just cannot guarantee it. If you are ordering more than 1 breed of poultry, this increases either wait time or less chance of the order being shipped together.

I received an email saying my order is processing. What does this mean? 
It means we have pulled your order and are working on it. Contact us for further details on your order when you receive this notice.

Why have I not received my eggs?

You many contact us to find out why. Typically it is due to:
  • Birds are not laying
  • Birds are not laying enough
  • Eggs require further testing
  • combination orders take longer. contact us to see about separate shipments. shipping costs apply
  • your order is not up for picking due to other orders in que prior to yours


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