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2018 Orders

Pre orders being accepted now for chicks, duckling & Keets/guinea fowl hatching eggs. Hatching egg pre orders limited (listed below).  Hatching egg will mainly be available for purchase on in our website store and updated weekly. View our terms before placing an order.

The order form can be filled out on your computer desk top. Open the document. Hit the text in the upper right corner and place on each line as required. You can save the file to your computer and email it back to us. If you are having any trouble, please send us the information and we will fill it out. Please be certain you are ready to place the order and send us a 30% deposit before sending us an order. 

Shipping terms

Shipping through West jet only - 1 box fits up to 25 chicks $145, included one crate. Each additional crate add $8

Heat pads $4 each 

Shipping juvenile or adult birds- $130 plus crate cost. Crate cost is determined upon sale. 

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Chick Pricing

Please contact us regarding an order you would like to place. Breeds are becoming limited.Check out our live chick store for available breeds to purchase.

Turkey Poults

Royal Palm x Sweet grass 
$15  straight run 

Royal Palm $15


Pre orders available from top show lines. Giant white Embden $55 unsexed, Pair $140 , 

Toulouse $35 unsexed, pair $85,

 Brown Giant dewlap African $65 each unsexed, sexed pair $165.

Contact for Giant Dewlap Toulouse availability 

Guinea Keets

$12 straight run, assorted colors. min 5

Ducklings- straight run- price per duckling

Indian Runner- White- elite breeders-$35 

Indian Runner- Grey (mallard colouring)- elite breeders- $35

Indian Runner- Trout, blue trout, Apricot (RARE)- elite breeders-$45

Indian Runner - mixed pen of Chocolate, silver, blue, black-straight run- $20 

Muscovy-  Contact us for availability. Muscovy ducklings are hatched naturally by the hens, so we cannot give you any specific dates. Orders can be accepted. Pick up or shipping is as hatched only. $8 

 Welsh Harlequin  $18

 White Appleyard $15

 Ancona $18

 Saxony $20

 Cascade $16

 Exhibition Rouen $30

10 ducklings- Assorted duck package unsexed $120

What does limited mean? We are filling up on orders. Some of our breeds are currently selling out. If you wish to still place an order for a breed that says 'limited', we can try our best to get that breed for you, however it is not guaranteed. 

Quail - straightrun chicks

Button Quail $5
Coturnix Quail- assorted colors $3
Jumbo Coturnix Quail - assorted quails  $4

Mandarin Ducklings

SOLD OUT. $60 each. Sold in pairs. 

Bantams - straight run

Silkie $9

Standard Poultry - Brown egg layers. straight run unless otherwise  noted 

White Wyandotte $10 (limited)
Partridge Wyandotte $14 (sold out until april)

silver barnevelder chicken
5 month old silver barnevelder pullet

Standard Poultry - Blue- Green egg layers

Blue(B/B/S) $8
Silver $18 (limited)
Buff $18 (limited)
Blue Wheaton $10
Lavender $13

Cream Legbar - Sexed $16

Easter eggers $7

Mystery Box Chicks - 15  assorted chicks $160

10 assorted Ameraucana chicks. Breeders choice only $125

Standard Poultry -White egg 

Red Jungle Fowl $8

Breda $22 (limited)

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