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Offering Hatching Eggs & Chicks


Located in Rosenort, Manitoba. Shipping is across Canada. Ensure you fill out all fields at check out for the shipping selection option to pop up. The estimated shipping will pop up, but then you must go to the following page  at check out for the choices available.

All Placed Pre-Order For Keets & Guinea Fowl only - Please be aware due to cold weather, the guinea fowl have not started to lay. All orders will be delayed this season for Keets and Guinea Fowl eggs- Please be patient. Any new order orders on Keets or Guinea Fowl are looking at possibly June shipments.Possilby earlier, however it is all up the the guinea fowl! BBF asks you to refrain from emailing regarding this issue as the emails are overwhelming at this time. No phone calls. 

If you have combined your Keet or guinea fowl hatching egg order with other breeds such as poultry, you may split your order and have them shipped separately. This will incur a second shipping fee of the same value. If you would like to split your order, please email to inquire. 


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Before you buy- as stated in our terms:

-Chicks are sold unsexed unless otherwise stated

-Hatching eggs are final sale and purchased at customers risk. We do not replace hatching eggs

No tangerine payments accepted

-Shipping is none refundable-

*Please do not combine available now order with preorders*

No guarantee on your selected timelines. Pre Ordering is only a guideline. March/April is almost fully booked depending on the breed choice and combinations selected. Please be patient with your orders. Your order will be shipped when it is possible to do so. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

When you order is being processed, you will receive an email stating so and your order will ship within that week.


Please note we charge a packaging fee for all shipped hatching eggs. The packaging fee is combined in the shipping cost as well as  our handling fees. No guarantee on eggs or delivery dates. All shipped poultry, guinea, quail and duck eggs are shipped in egg foam shippers. This has proven to provide you with better hatch rates for rough handling.

Update April 2nd- Canada Post is experiencing some delays in shipping. Although a good portion of the shipments sent are arriving on time and early, there are a very small amount of packages arriving late. Keep in mind, BBF does not guarantee shipping any time of the year or during Covid-19. 



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