Muscovy ducks in Canada

The Muscovy duck is a perching duck.  Gentle quiet birds can be tamed and offer a wide range of benefits to your farm. Whether it be for meat or pets, they also serve as mosquito and fly eaters. 

Indian Runner ducks in Canada
Indian Runner 

Runners stand upright like a penguin and run vs waddle. They lay 150-200 eggs per year.  Runners can sometimes set eggs and we have found they make fierce mothers.

Cascade ducks in Canada

Cascade'sstart laying in January all the way to August.  Active and friendly birds. The Cascade were created in the late 1970's. They can be bred to other breeds to create an auto sexing duckling.

welsh harlequain duck breeders canadaWelsh Harlequin

This light high egg production duck is less nervous than the Khaki and our lines lay up to 350 eggs per year. It's carcass dresses out nicely with its white down feathers. We carry the silver and gold phase.

Ancona ducks in CanadaAncona 

Ancona ducks are descendants of the Indian runner duck. They are lively but do not fly, staying close to home. They are calm if handled when young. Hens lay 210-280 eggs per year.

saxony ducks in canadaSaxony 

This large rare breed of duck is a german breed that was recognized in 1957.  A dual purpose breed that is easy to tame.  Saxonyare a meaty bird that also doesn't disappoint in the egg department. 

appleyard ducks in canadaWhite Apple yard

A dual purpose british breed weighing 7-10 lbs that provides both quality meat and up to 270 eggs per year. 

Exhibition Rouen 

Brilliantly coloured plumage in the sunlight. Slow to grow, they take a year and a half to reach their full size. They have a massive body but can get around quite easily if they are kept on plenty of grass and have ample room roam.