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Offering Hatching eggs and chicks in Canada

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Please be patient with your order.  Please note, we are currently shipping out all hatching egg orders as soon as the eggs are collected. If you wish for your eggs to be held for a Monday shipment, you must notify us prior to us processing. Holding your eggs may impact the age of your eggs. If we have already processed your order, we cannot hold your order and the eggs will be shipped.

***NEW***Please note we charge a packaging fee for all shipped hatching eggs. Our packaging fee is combined to the shipping cost. All shipped poultry, guinea and duck eggs are shipped in foam shippers. This has proven to provide you with better hatch rates for rough handling.

Please be advised that more than 32 eggs ordered for shipping may be subject to further shipping costs.

NEW**Shipping rates can be selected and/or changed at the end page of check out. West Jet air Cargo and Canada Post shipping Options. 

Used Sportsman style incubator and Hatcher available for sale. $600 per unit. Email to inquire. 




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