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Basic information in Caring for Chicks

December 4, 2017

People are increasingly starting to realize that experienced breeders offer the best quality chicks vs hatchery birds. A good breeder will breed towards a standard. More commonly known as the Standard of Perfection. Breeding towards a goal of egg laying capabilities, breed temperament, health and type are some very important traits. Culling out chicks that do not meet the standard, as using improper breeding stock can cause a whole host of issues for the future breeding. 

So now that you have your quality chicks, what now? 

In order for chicks to grow into healthy adults, they should be given the best of care. Proper nutrition at an early age is critical during their development stages. You must help them to build up their immune system. This is especially important for extremely rare breeds that may need an extra boost, as gene pools that are limited can cause chicks to become less vigourous. They may also not be able to ward off infections and disease quite so easily. Chicks are small, delicate and sensitive to any treatment they are given at their tender age. 

        In order for chicks to transform into a healthy hardy adults, they have to be and placed in a hygienic environment that will keep away pathogens from attacking them. A clean ventilated chick brooder must be used. Drinking water should be clean. Proper chick feed should be suppled to your chicks. Wired floor is a great choice to keep chicks on. Dirty water with feces that the chicks drink out of can cause gut rot in your birds. They have to be kept in an environment that has a suitable temperature that will enhance their growth. Improper temperatures can accelerate coccidiosis in chicks. Some experts recommend medicated chick starter to help inhibit this parasitical growth. Chicks are all born with low levels of Coccidiosis. Keep the brooder clean and dry with the correct temperature as per chick age requirement. It is important to not over crowd your chicks. Over crowding can cause stress which can also accelerate parasites to grow in your chicks. Moving chicks to a new area can cause stress in your young chicks, ensure they are given a proper vitamin supplement during this period.

Giving this proper care will ensure a long health life for your birds with plenty of eggs to come. 

Candace Shatokhin





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