White Bresse

Proudly French, the Bresse chicken sports the national colors: red (comb), white (feathers) and blue (feet).


A few years ago, Breezy Bird Farms was one of the first breeders to import the White Bresse from the U.S. We have only offered Bresse for one season since. We are pleased to offer our new and improved stock after many years of selective breeding. Our breeding stock consists of richly coloured slate blue legs right down to the toes and excellent quality meat. Breeders display correct type.  This duel purpose breed that is known for its self proclaimed French reputation of being one of the best tasting poultry In the world. Plump and juicy.The breed weighs from 5-7.5 lbs. Hens lay approx 250 eggs per year. These are one of the fasted growers on our farm.  Chicks and hatching eggs available or you can pro order the Canadian version of poulet de Bresse available for purchase in 2018.