White Faced Black Spanish

stop clowning around...

admitted to the APA in 1874

White Faced Black Spanish are one of the oldest mediterranean breeds. Our flock is still quite young , their trademark white faces are still coming in to its fullest.  It is best to show these birds after their first molt. These beautiful unique birds  will get your neighbours talking. Hens lay large white eggs and are very good layers. They are active birds that love to forage but can tolerate confinement. They do not go broody so you can expect a nice flow of eggs. A medium sized mediterranean breed that weighs in at about 6-8  lbs. The breed is friendly, quiet and non aggressive.  They mature into lovely calm birds that quietly observe everything around them. WFBS plumage is a lustrous greenish black in color. They have dark brown eyes, white earlobes and faces, dark slate shanks and toes. Hens lay up to 180 eggs per year.