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Est 2011

Hello and glad you stopped to visit Breezy Bird Farms!

Taking a real interest in the birds cared for. The Passion for poultry and waterfowl!  In operation since 2011,  a small farm located in Manitoba, Canada.

Breeding and nurturing chickens, geese, quail, guinea fowl, and ducks.  

Offering chicks and hatching eggs from our breeds to anyone that is interested in also enjoying these unique and wonderful birds.  Shipping is throughout Canada.

A set mission – admittedly an ambitious one: the effective preservation of heritage birds. Our standard? Nothing short of perfect, of course! Small breeding groups of our birds are maintained and bred towards the breed standard with vigorous yearly breed selection. The program involves hatching small number of eggs for the general public, which are sold through our online store. The proceeds fund the breeding programs. Striving to improve bio security, poultry accommodations and breed quality. Looking forward to helping you find the birds that best suite your needs. Keeping the rare breeds in circulation is important to their future existence. Thank you for wanting to be a part of it. 

 Breezy Bird Farms is proud to maintain membership in the American Ameraucana Alliance, Indian Runner  Duck Association, Manitoba Cluck & Quack,  Aruacana Club of America, American Pastured Poultry Producers, Rosenort Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Heritage Breeds, and Rare Breeds Canada. If there are any questions or feedback that you  may have, please reach out anytime!

Thank you, Candace

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