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We appreciate your business and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Dealing with live poultry and eggs do have their risks. Purchasing from us means you accept and agree to our terms and conditions.  We do not guarantee your hatching eggs will hatch. If you are not willing to be disappointed then do not take the risk, purchase chicks instead. We do guarantee that the eggs are routinely checked for fertility. We also guarantee your eggs will be packaged very well for shipping. If you wish to order eggs the order may be completed through our online store. This is a simple way for us to obtain the information necessary in order to proceed in shipping your eggs without delay. Payment must be followed through with an etransfer once you have placed your order online or paid for at check out by credit card or PayPal. Eggs are time sensitive so we appreciate your understanding. Shipments go out every Monday and Tuesday. Eggs are collected weekly and are no older than 6 days. If payment is not received after the order is placed, we will cancel the order. The order can be reinstated once payment is received, however it may be pushed back due to another paid order.  Hatching eggs are final sale.  Incubation methods are solely the responsibility of the buyer. We do not take responsibility in any mishaps that may occur during transit, poor equipment you are using or lack of experience.

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Ordering Autosexing Chicks

For auto sexing breeds, we are now offering them as unsexed. We unfortunately had to cull a lot of males on our end I'm 2018. The ratio to be fair would be 50/50.  If more females do hatch,  it will be in the buyers favour to recieve the females over the males. This is usually not the case as its predominately more males in each hatch. We have had 100% males hatch. Any auto sexing orders, may take more than one try on our end to get 50/50. This again depends on how many chicks we are shooting for and how large the flock is.  If this is the case,  we do not refund the deposit if you wish cancel due to a poor ratio hatch, as we will continue to try to fill the order. We no longer refund for issues due to this nature. Please understand, it is a loss of eggs we could of sold as hatching eggs, eating eggs for our consumption etc. Our time to collect the eggs, incubate and hatch is valuable to us. If the buyer cannot accept the chicks for a another try, we will offer a farm credit for our online store for future use at any time. If  the buyer really would prefer only pullets, we will be charging double the asking price to compensate for our loss with the egg collection and culling extra birds. 


Arrive Alive Guarantee. Please read how we proceed with the guarantee. Not following our procedure   andterms voids the Guarantee. 
 We will notify you of your order once the chicks hatched, they are to be shipped within 36 hours of hatching. Each 24 hours the chicks are in our care is $1 per bird. Breezy Bird Farms will notify you of your ship date and time. Full Payment is due once the chicks hatch if it had not yet been paid. WE will not ship unpaid chicks or if the shipping is unpaid.

It is important to note, If we recommend the purchase of heat packs and/or grow gel for your shipped chicks,  as this recommendation is in the chicks best interest. Declining our recommendation voids your arrive alive chick guarantee. 

In the case you receive any chicks that perish during the flight. We will credit you towards a future purchase for the value of the chick(s) only. In order to obtain that credit, you must open the chick crate at the airport. View your chicks carefully. If you are in any doubt of the shape any chicks appear to be in. or if any have perished, Snap a photo of the perished chick(s) or chicks in question with the West Jet attendant at hand. The attendant will need to view the chick(s). We will also require the West Jet attendants name and direct contact number at his office. Please send us this information and photo(s) immediately. Correspondence is required within 2 hours of pick up. Otherwise, your guarantee is void. If we can, we will send a couple of free chicks to cover any issues that may arise during shipment.  If there are a number of chicks that perished, you must grab a claims form from the attendant and fill it out. The attendant will need to sign this form. This must be done at the time the chicks arrive only. If these instructions are not followed, there is no credit. It is up to the buyer to read our terms before purchasing. Whether chicks are purchased live or hatched from eggs it is the buyers sole responsibility to care and house them properly for them to thrive. We take no responsibility on birds that get ill or die in the buyers care.  Buying any kind of livestock comes with risks that the buyer needs to be aware of. Our terms are not negotiable. 

Hatching Eggs

Eggs are final sale. Due to the nature of the product, we do not guarantee the eggs will hatch. As per our cancellation policy, any cancellations forfeit 50% of your order total. Any handling fee's are non refundable. The remainder will be sent to you as a store credit for a future purchase.

Picking up Chick orders

Chicks are to be picked up within 72 hours of us notifying you of your hatched order.  Confirmation of the order is required by the buyer within 24 hours, so that we can make arrangements with you for pick up.   If you are not able to pick the birds up within 72 hours of our initial contact, there is a $1 charge per bird per 24 hours. We will consider the order abandoned after 144 hours after our initial contact and your forfeit your deposit and chicks.  We ask that you respect our policy as space is limited and other orders are in que hatching.  

When your order does not hatch as planned

Placing an order with us does not guarantee you will receive the chicks you have ordered. There are many variables and obstacles we must face in order to be successful on our end. Many of these variables are out of our control. If the number of chicks required to fill the order is insufficient, we reserve the right to re-set the eggs for hatching to add to the original order. We will care for the first batch of chicks at no added cost to the buyer until the second batch of chicks hatches. This option is only available if the eggs are available to set.
If we are unable to provide you with less than 50% of your order, you may choose to continue to purchase the order or cancel and receive your deposit back or store credit. You may also have an option of placing a second order to try again. Please be aware there may be a wait depending on the time of year. Please be patient. 

Credit card/Paypal

3% fee is charged for accepting credit card and PayPal. This is non refundable in any case. This fee covers only a portion of what we are being charged.  

Shipping and ordering cancellations

Pre-Ordering hatching eggs and chicks requires a 50% deposit or to be paid in full. It is not always first come first serve! We fill orders based on which orders we can currently fill.  With the different combination of breeds we offer, this can get complicated on our end. We will try and get the order to you as soon as its available. We no longer offer time frames.  We have limited amount of hens and work with our own small flocks. We are solely relying on whether or not the hens are laying. It is out of our control. Please be patient. Contact us anytime for an update.  If you cancel your order AND/ OR any part of your order for any reason like you changed your mind on the particular breed or you wish to cancel in full, you will forfeit 50% of the value of the order. This means you will not receive your deposit back from the partial or full cancellation. With any partial cancellations, the value does not carry forward to the remainder of your order.  Nor do any cancellations carry forward to a future order.  It may be possible to add on to an order but this is not guaranteed. Extra costs may also be involved to add on with shipping. Your remaining balance will be issued with a store credit.  There is a lot to prepare behind the scenes so be sure you know what you want before placing your order.   If we cannot supply a portion of your order due to poor hatch, equipment failure, a breed not laying etc, the remaining order will be supplied to you. We may offer a substitute option if it is available. 

Breezy Bird Farms Shipping Terms and Conditions on late parcels for hatching eggs

We use Canada Post for shipping hatching eggs. Once the hatching eggs are dropped off at the post office, you will receive a tracking number later that day. It is the customer’s responsibility to track their own package. It can take up to 12 hours for tracking information to be updated online. Please be aware that the tracking  does not always function. Do not contact us regarding Canada Post software issues as this is out of our control.  If your parcel is late and you would like to request a shipping refund, you must email us your request after receiving your package. We cannot process claims prior to this.  Canada Post does not refund the taxes. Breezy Bird Farms does not compensate the tax on behalf of CP.  Our farm charges a $5 processing fee to put a claim in on behalf of the buyer for  late parcel refunds. Although hatching eggs are sold as final sale,  Filing claims is a courtesy we will offer to our customers. Any damages that incur to your parcel while in the hands of CP is 100% buyers risk. We do not replace the eggs. CP does not insure any perishable shipped products and will not issue refunds for the eggs. Spoiled or broken eggs will not be compensated. Eggs rendered Infertile  from shipping are not compensated. Rough handling can cause the eggs to scramble, air cells to be come detached.  User error and incubation equipment can cause hatch failures. We do not compensate any of these failures.  Please understand placing claims is time consuming due to the large amount of shipped parcels weekly.  The $5  processing fee goes towards our cost to refund via Etransfer, as well as to cover our time to process. This process can take hours in a day working on the claims.  Approved refunds will be issued to the buyer prior to our farm receiving the refund.  
Minimum Order
There is a $25 min order for hatching eggs as well as 12 eggs to be shipped. For chicks to be shipped, there is a min 15 chick order. For chicks being picked up, min order is 6.
Farm Tours or Pick up Due to our Bio security protocols, we no longer allow farm pickups or give tours. We do meet with our birds in Rosenort or Winnipeg (delivery charge may apply).

Bio Security

Every year we add new bio security measures. In 2018 we again have plans to add more bio security measure to keep the heritage breeds safe. Not only from disease but from predators as well. Our protocol is to not allow farm pick ups as this can potentially expose our birds to disease. It is recommended from any breeder including our selves to quarantine newly purchased birds for a period of at least 30 days. 

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