Blue Breda


Elegantly dressed

The Breda has a sophisticated appearance. A fashionable chicken. Although there is no proof, Some say its one of the oldest Dutch Breeds. In the early 1900's the Breda was chosen as a symbol for the Dutch Poultry Association. The survival of these birds fully mainly depends on hobby breeders. We have been conserving them for 6 years.   The Breda is in a class of its own. There isn't another breed like it. A great Canadian choice as it has no comb. waddles are small and the legs are heavily feathers right down to the toes. Vulture hocks are also present. The breast is well developed on this large fowl. Strong thighs, broad sloping back and a short well arched neck. The beak is stout and well curved. A small tuft can be seen on the top of the head. Breda's have large cavernous nostrils. Once a common bird, now is extremely rare. They also come in bantam size. We carry Standard only. They are quiet and docile and Lay white eggs.