Exchequer Leghorn

A Beautiful and rare Leghorn 

 Beauty without the Beast

Its true. The Cocks are friendly and you will be amazed with the beauty! We acquired the Exchequer Leghorn quite a few years ago. The birds were flown in and settled into our Bio secure area. After maturing and breeding, we were finding the chicks lacked vitality and needed more work on the color and pattern. Fast foward 4 years and we finally will now be offering a limited amount of eggs and chicks in the fall of 2018.   With exceptional laying abilities of up to 280 eggs per year of pure white eggs. You will love this beautiful addition to your flock.  We find these birds to be quite easy to care for.  They  love to forage and do it well. If you like active birds that move, this is a great choice. Roosters are friendly towards humans and take great care of their hens. Hens do not go broody so you can expect the eggs to keep flowing.